Motherhood Checklist

A poem reflecting on what's of utmost importance in our motherhood journey.
I stare at my phone
My to-do list seems to have grown.
So much to accomplish, so much to do
Will I have time for a kiss or two?

Laundry to fold and floors to clean
And countless little tasks in between.
Shopping to do and finding what’s lost
I will accomplish it all, but at what cost?

I stare at my phone- at my well-written plans,
What happens next is in my hands.
Dirty pots are piled up and the house is wrecked,
But will it be so bad if my list goes unchecked?

In the years to come I imagine what I might say
If my lists were all checked but my chance slipped away.
If I missed the chaos and the naughty smiles
For they’re only little for such a little while. 

So I forget my list and throw caution out the door
The dishes can wait, even the crumbs on the floor.
I have better things to do today…
There are pictures to paint and Legos to play!

Today I will give them my full attention
I will listen to stories and answer a dozen questions.
I will get on the floor and read Harrow Sparrow,
The dust and cobwebs will be there even tomorrow.

I will squash self-pity and fight off the annoyance
I will try to calmly address all defiance.
I will encourage kindness and treasure the smiles,
Today I will make time to sit and cuddle a sad child.

You see, when I was alone with my Bible last night,
He reminded me that my mission is to point them to Christ.
Motherhood is not merely a duty, a burden to be borne,
Motherhood is making His mission my own.

It’s kingdom work, what we do day-in and day-out,
But that’s easy to lose sight of, when our checklist is all we’re thinking about.
Motherhood is a sacrifice, of that you can be sure
But what is it compared to the suffering He endured?

When I parent through the lens of God’s redemption story,
Even wiping bottoms and noses gives Him all the glory.
Motherhood is hard, yes, but don’t be concerned,
He’s given us His grace and His never-failing Word.

The opportunity to shape these souls is a gift.
It is not just an item to be ticked off a list.
It is filled with joy and even a little pain,
But this God-ordained mission is never- I repeat NEVER, in vain!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Each and every word, thought and emotion resonated with me! Thank you so so much for these encouraging words! God bless you for this ministry. You are, I’m sure, unawares, touching many a mother’s weary souls

    • Thank you for your kind words Elizabeth! All glory to Him alone. He meets us right in the midst of our needs. I’m so grateful He chooses to use mere humans like us. Thank you, again! <3

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