Dear Daughters…THANK YOU.

To my daughters,


Thank you coming into my life and turning it upside down.

Thank you for teaching me to love in a way I’ve never loved before. You’re both the only people I fell in love with long before I saw your faces.

Thank you for teaching me to be less selfish. Less focused on myself and my problems. As I cared for you it became easy to put you and your needs before my own.

Thank you for being exactly what I needed, even when I didn’t know you were what I needed.

Thank you for always seeing the best in me. In every way. You don’t see the stretch marks, the white hair, or the excess weight when you say “Mama, you look so pretty!” You don’t remember the times I’ve yelled and lost my temper with you, when you tell me I’m the best mama in the world.

Thank you for showing me that I can do hard things. That my failures don’t define me. When I saw your beautiful faces for the first time, I knew I would do anything for you. You bring out the “mama-bear” in me. Thank you for making me brave.

Thank you for teaching me to forgive easily. You never hold any grudges. You show me every day what unconditional love looks like. You are ready with a hug and kiss right after I’ve been mad at you about something. You stop in the middle of your play to whisper the four most precious words in my ear- “I love you mama.”

Thank you for teaching me a deeper meaning of grace. Each time I fall short in patience or in understanding what you needed, you smile back at me with so much love and trust and remind me that I’m doing just fine.

Thank you for reminding me to look for the beauty in the things around me. I look at all the stuffed animals and toys on your bedroom floor and I see a mess, while you see a zoo. Your excitement over a bunch of sticks and dried leaves collected in the park is comparable to receiving a diamond! Thank you for bringing so much promise and wonder into my life.

Thank you for being my eyes. For giving me the positive outlook in life I need. I look around and I’m often disappointed. You look at the same things and see beauty. You show me how special each day is.

Thank you for teaching me to get excited about life. To wake up with a smile. To have dance parties for no reason at all.

Thank you for reminding me everyday how wonderful your dad is. He loves you with everything in him. Seeing the three of you together, reminds me that I made the right choice when I said ‘Yes.’

Thank you for pointing me back to Jesus every single day. For reminding me that I am just a sinner saved by grace. All it took was to see how angry I can get when you are cranky or throw a tantrum for no specific reason, for me to realize how much God has saved me from and how very badly I need my Savior every minute of every day.

Thank you for teaching me to trust God in all circumstances. The first time I snuggled you to my chest, the weight of the responsibility wrapped over my shoulders like a heavy cloak. You very quickly became my first thought in the morning and my last thought as my head hit the pillow at night. I want to keep you safe at all times. But, you taught me that I am not in control. He is. He’s got you in the palm of His hands. I can trust Him to take care of you.

Thank you for reminding me that He loves you more than I do. After all, He formed you in my body. He created you, fearfully and wonderfully knitting each part of you.

Thank you for pushing me to dig deeper into God’s word. Your questions about God, and heaven, and life in general send me straight to the Word. There’s so much we have learned together.

Thank you for bringing me to my knees time and again. I cannot disciple you or teach you in my own strength. Days when I’m overwhelmed, I know I can go to the One who gives more grace.

Thank you for helping me realize and follow my dreams. You helped me uncover a passion that has been lying dormant in me for years. This blog and the Bored and Busy Mama Shop all began because of you. The excitement on your face when I work on a new product is my motivation. Thank you for encouraging me to dream big every single day.

Thank you for reminding me that time is fleeting. It was just yesterday that you were both tiny babies and today you are 7 and 4. Every day with you is precious.

Thank you for taking me on the most challenging journey of my life. You help me grow, and make me more resilient and confident with each passing day.

Thank you for accepting me as I am. And yet, thank you for helping me become a better version of myself. A better woman. A better mother.

Thank you for needing and wanting me. For wanting me to play ‘airport’ with you when I have laundry to fold. Thank you for reminding me that those things can wait. Thank you for giving me the privilege of those extra minutes with you while you are little. Thank you for the extra cuddles in bed, the lingering wet kisses, the giggles, and for all the little moments that could so easily be lost.

Thank you for being such amazing kids. Even today, I sometimes can’t believe you are actually mine. I am so filled with gratitude to God for you that I feel my heart could burst.

Thank you for being YOU.

Thank you for giving me the best years of my life. I can think of no better way to spend my mundane. Raising you, loving you, discipling you, being with you – it is not my job. IT IS MY JOY.

I have so much to say, but today I just want to say Thank You.

Thank you for the privilege and honor of being your mother.



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