What’s in a Name?

Bored and Busy Mama. If you’re wondering where that name comes from, I must admit I didn’t come up with it at all! The credit goes to my two-year-old! One hot afternoon in early August, while we were stuck at home due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, she comes up to me and with a big sigh says, “Mama I’m so bored and busy.” It made me laugh aloud especially since she had only just started speaking proper sentences! As I went about my work later that day, I found myself smiling thinking about what she had said. I realized she had put into words what I was actually feeling- bored and busy. Busy yet bored.

Can you, in fact, be bored and busy at the same time? I think you can. If the COVID lockdown has taught me anything, it is that I can be busy with so many things on my plate, yet feel bored out of my mind! In India, we are used to having help at home, maids who come for a few hours to help us clean. With the pandemic situation, that had completely stopped. There was so much to do around the house, while also keeping two energetic little girls entertained within the confines of our home. Add to that online classes for a five-year-old and you have yourself a fun fun day! Well, as busy as I was, I was also feeling bored (read lonely, tired, etc. etc.) I wanted to do more- not more cleaning of course ? but SOMETHING different! I remember reading a quote by Leo Tolstoy that said “Boredom: the desire for desires.” I believe God took my boredom and gave me the desire for MORE; to TRY more, to DO more, to LIVE more, to LOVE more, to ENJOY more and even to BE more. I wanted to do things differently and also to really enjoy what I was doing day in and day out. This blog is one of the outcomes of those desires that arose out of my boredom, the desire to write more.

Just like you, I’m trying to focus on and enjoy the sweet and simple moments in my bored and busy life. Small sticky hands in mine, sweet morning cuddles in bed, wet kisses, tiny feet walking in my shoes, sweet voices begging for one more song at bedtime, arms wrapped tight around my neck- these are the things I want to hold on to. My most precious memories.

Well, there it is! Now you know…I’m Bored and Busy Mama! Busy with the many responsibilities God has placed in my life and sometimes bored too, but using that boredom to aim higher and do better for His glory. All for HIM.

Soli Deo Gloria.

For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things. Psalm 107:9

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  1. Wow Shiph!
    Well written. I can just imagine your two little daughters saying ‘..bored and busy..’. Your article actually brought back memories of yesteryears when I was a young mum with three very active energetic little boys. Hmm! warm, soft, sticky, little hands in your hands, with sparkly eyes saying, ‘mummy, I love you..’, melts your heart and makes you forget the little smudgy finger marks on the fridge doors or TV set, or the mayhem of toys strewn around the lounge room. Cherish these beautiful days darling for soon they will grow up.
    God bless you & Vijay and your little precious ones. May God use you to encourage other ‘bored and busy mamas’. : )
    love from Jaya aunty

    • Thank you Jaya Aunty! I can imagine the scene just reading this 😀 Yes the days are long but the years are short! Cherishing these days with them! <3

  2. Nicely put together. True everyone has different experiences in life specially during this lockdown. Just don’t want to remember what went by.

    • Thank you Vandana <3 Yes for many the lockdown has been a traumatic experience. Through it all, God has protected us and taught us many things. I'm so grateful God used your story to encourage me as well. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. Hi there. That was an amazing writing… Loved the title most.. I’m not too fond of reading but the title kept me up reading..
    Worth reading.. ?
    Looking forward to read more..
    May Almighty God guide you and bless you…?

    • Thank you Solomon! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Please subscribe so you can be notified about new posts!

  4. Wow Shippu.. So well written.. Loved reading every bit of it.. May God continue to lead you.. As you write more..
    P. S=> I love the title… ?

  5. So excited to see this Shiphuness!!! You have a way with words and I could relate to everything you shared so much! Love you!! ❤️❤️

  6. So well written and marvellously expressed! Something that every woman – young and old can relate to. Keep going Shiph! The Lord will surely bless your endeavour and make it a blessing to many!!

  7. Woooohoooooo! This calls for a celebration. Love this so!!! The web just got a whole lot lighter & brighter & wiser. Looking forward to every blog post. ❤️

  8. Can very well relate to you shiprah. I had the other extreme. Busy and busy but no time for myself. Just yesterday I was telling nidhi I don’t know how I could have survived those years if not for the prayers 9f many. Keep going

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