Divine Directions: Button Badges (Set of 4)


Set of 4 button badges featuring Christian inspirational verses!

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Introducing our remarkable set of 4 button badges featuring Christian inspirational verses. These captivating badges are meticulously crafted to bring a touch of faith and motivation to your everyday life. Each badge showcases a unique Bible verse, carefully chosen to uplift and inspire, reminding you of the power of God’s Word. Whether you wear them proudly on your clothing, bags, or accessories, these badges serve as a beautiful reminder of your Christian beliefs and provide an opportunity to share your faith with others. Enhance your personal style while spreading positivity and love with our extraordinary set of Christian button badges!


-4 circle badges

-Size: 2 x 2 inch

-Lightweight and sturdy

-Sturdy tinplate material; pin-back fastener with safety clasp



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