Our Favorite Faith-based Books for Kids

If you ask me what my favorite thing to do with my girls is, it would undoubtedly be reading to them. I am an avid reader and I’ve always wanted to raise book-lovers! I can quite proudly say I have succeeded with my older one and even my younger one is growing to love books more everyday. I have been reading to my kids since they were just a few months old. We are slowly running out of storage space for our books but in true book lover fashion, we can’t seem to stop collecting them!

For kids, a book is a great medium to have an adventure, to explore the unknown, to travel places, to learn new things, and to catch a quiet moment after a meltdown. Plus, it is the best way to teach them about the Lord. We have a number of classics on our shelves but the books we love to read the most are gospel and faith-centered books. When we read these books to our girls our ultimate goal is that they would develop a love for the Word of God. With these books we are able to teach them good manners, build strong character, inculcate godly virtues, and encourage their little faith to grow slowly and steadily.

So without further ado, I’m sharing with you some of our favorite faith-based books for kids. Obviously there are loads of books out there and this is in no way an exhaustive list, but I have assembled together the ones that we have tried and tested and absolutely love in our home.

Board Books


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Target Age: 0 to 4 years

Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones, the same author who wrote the famous Jesus Storybook Bible, this board book is a retelling of Psalm 23 in a child-friendly language that helps kids know that God loves them, cares for them, and protects them.

Who Sang the First Song?

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Target Age: 1 to 4 years

The writer of this book, Ellie Holcomb clearly weaves a perfect message about how God loves His precious children. The book has gorgeous artwork and a beautiful storyline that keeps little ones engaged. It is a great reminder that all of us (including all God’s creation) have a song to sing!

God Knows All About Me


Target Age: 2 to 4 years

This was a gift to my girls from my aunt and it soon became one of their favorites! They loved reading it on their high chair while eating breakfast. It is a sweet book with the cutest illustrations talking about how God knows all about us whatever we may be doing, and however we may be feeling. I love the end where it says “From the beginning to the end God will always be my friend, God known ALL about me!”

If Jesus Lived Inside my Heart


Target Age: 2 to 5 years

This short board book is perfect for little hands and explores the presence of Jesus in our lives. If Jesus lived inside my heart would other people know? It encourages kids to see how Christ can shine through their lives in different situations. The colorful illustrations are an added bonus!

Little Love Letters from God

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Target Age: 4 to 6 years

There are short Bible stories on each page of this book, and a lift-the-flap love letter from God. There is space next to the Dear____, and my daughter enjoyed writing her name on each page. The letters go over the main point of the story and are signed, Love, God.

The Christmas Promise


Target Age: 3 to 5 years

This is a historically relevant and theologically deep book, and yet very simple and age appropriate for three to five year olds. It talks about the true meaning of Christmas and introduces young children to the events that took place on that first Christmas day.

Bibles/ Bible Storybooks

The Jesus Storybook Bible

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Target Age: 4 to 8 years

This is our all-time favorite book of Bible stories. The photo will tell you it is a well-loved and overly-used book in our home! It was given to us by a friend when our now six year old was but a few months old, and we have been reading to her since then.  It is a collection of classic stories from the Old and New Testaments. Every story is weaved together and points back to Jesus as stated in its tagline “Every story whispers His name.” The focus of the book is God’s love for the lost, the problem of sin, and the wonderful hope we have in Christ.

This book is not intended to replace the Bible, but is a great resource for younger kids with its beautiful illustrations and short captivating stories.

The Rhyme Bible Storybook   

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Target Age: 3 and above

We read this book to the girls before bed sometimes and they enjoy it when dad reads the rhymes in his funny voice! 🙂 This book brings all the classic Bible Stories to life in the form of short poems. Younger kids are sure to be captivated by the rhyming words and older kids will be enthusiastic to read them aloud.

NIRV Adventure Bible

Age: 6 to 10 years

After much research we bought this last year for our older daughter as her “first Bible.” It was a gift from her great-grandmother when she asked the Lord into her heart. She was thrilled to finally have her very own “big girl Bible!” She loves to sit in the mornings with her highlighter and post-its and journal along with me. When I see her sitting and poring through this Bible for hours, my heart bursts with pride and I find myself silently praying that she will continue to really ENJOY reading the Word of God even as she grows older.

This Bible is available in NIV and NKJV versions as well, but we decided to buy the NIRV (New International Readers Version) for now. It is an interactive Bible with vibrant colors, a number of maps, and other interesting information.


Our Daily Bread for Kids


Target Age: 5 to 10 years

Last year we used this as our devotional for family prayer. Like the adult version of Our Daily Bread, this devotional has a Bible verse, a short explanation of the verse, and a punch line. The kids version also includes a fun fact and vibrant pictures. Both our kids enjoy it and are able to take away little truths from the passage.

Indescribable (1OO Devotions about God and Science)


Target Age- 6 to 10 years

We read this devotional for a few months last year but then stopped because we wanted something that catered to both our six year old and our three year old. This is a wonderful book for 6-10 year olds and includes scientific information and facts backed up with Scripture and prayer. We will be definitely revisiting this book as a quiet time devotional for our 6 year old or a family devotional when our younger one is a little older.

Leading Little Ones to God

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Target Age – 6 to 10 years

The introduction page says it best. “This book is intended to be a guide to parents who desire to teach their little ones about God. Parents are the child’s best teachers, and perhaps there is nothing more important in his or her spiritual development than quiet talks with mother and father about the great God who made us and loves us.”

This book guides you through essential topics such as God is very Great, Sin Spoiled the World, God in Three Persons, Jesus showed His glory, How God gave us the Law, How we become Children of God, and so on. Each topic includes a scripture portion, a reading passage, a memory verse, discussion questions, a hymn, and a prayer.

I use this book for my 6 year old’s “quiet time.” I sit with her and she reads the scripture portion first. Then I read to her the reading in the book. Next, we go through the discussion questions, read the memory verse and she ends in prayer. I like to do this every morning with her in order to teach her the importance of having a daily “quiet time” and in the hope that one day she will be able to do it herself.

Gospel-centered Books

Tales that Tell the Truth are a series of children’s story books that combine stunning illustration with faithful, Bible-centered story-telling to teach truths about Jesus to little kids. We have three books in this series.

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Target Age- 3 to 6 years

The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross tells the story of man’s separation from God and reconciliation with Him in an engaging and age-appropriate manner. It teaches the kids why Jesus’ death and resurrection is the best news ever.

The Storm that Stopped is a beautifully illustrated book that will teach the children who Jesus really is and how they can trust him, using the account of Jesus calming the storm in Mark chapter 4.

God’s very Good Idea embraces diversity and encourages kids to enjoy being delightfully different and yet part of God’s big family. It moves from the Garden of Eden to God’s heavenly throne room, and emphasizes that we all (no matter how different) can be part of God’s very good idea through the saving work of Jesus.

I love this series and I’m looking forward to get the rest of the books, Jesus and the Lion’s Den, Jesus and the Very Big Surprise, Goodbye to Goodbyes, and The Friend who Forgives.

The Big book about Jesus

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Target Age- 5 to 9 years

Using interesting facts from Scripture and colorful illustrations, this book is perfect for parents and Sunday school teachers to teach children about Jesus’ birth, ministry, family, parables, miracles, promises, and much more. Although it is more of a teaching book, my 6 year old likes to read it herself too and I can count on an overabundance of questions when she is done! 🙂

Other gospel-centered books on my list to buy include The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung; and two by R.C Sproul; The priest with the Dirty Clothes, and The Lightlings.

Christian Chapter Books

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

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Target Age: 7 to 9 years

Being an early reader, my six year old has been reading chapter books for a while. This was however, her first Christian chapter book and also her first time-travel adventure! She absolutely loved the first two books in the series. We can’t wait for the other four to arrive! This series is packed with action and suspense and tells the story of siblings Mary and Peter and their dog Hank as they travel back in time through the stories of the Bible. My daughter loved the books so much she finished them in a day! She just couldn’t put them down!

There are so many others Christian chapter books that I am eager to introduce to her soon, including The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (C.S Lewis), Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers, Christian Heroes: Then and Now, The Cul-de-sac Kids, and Patricia St. John classics like Treasures of the Snow, Star of Light,  and Rainbow Garden.

Audio Book

The Big Bible Storybook

As the tagline says, this audio book enables kids to discover the wonder of God’s BIG story. It is available on Audible and is a wonderful aid for me to keep the kids seated in one place while I clean the house. They often draw pictures while listening. Audio books are great for improving listening skills, concentration, imagination, and fluency. The main advantage of this audio book though is, that it is building up their faith, as the Bible says “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17)

So, these are some of our favorite Christian books for little kids. They are all faith-centered and point my kids to Christ and that’s why they are my favorites. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on books. Some of my books are passed down from friends whose kids have outgrown them. Some are gifts from family and friends, and others I have bought. If I hear/read good things about a book I don’t hesitate to buy it because in my opinion, I am investing in the spiritual growth of my children. Things like toys may last a while but what a child takes in will remain etched in their hearts forever.

Often while reading to my kids, the Lord will speak to me through these simple words. God’s word is alive and the more you read it and hear it, the more you will grow in faith. I would encourage you to utilize all the resources available to connect your kids with God’s wonderful story and to encourage their precious faith.

What are some of your favorite books to help your kids grow in their faith? Leave a comment!

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  1. Your dedication to providing quality Christian literature is evident in every page of your website. It’s a blessing to have such a resource available.

  2. My older kids love the Diary of a Disciple books – they are gospels written in the ‘diary of a wimpy kid’ style – very funny but still get the message across (age 8-12). The Narnia Chronicles open up discussion about the Christian journey, ethics and values. When they were little and preparing for school, we enjoyed doing ‘pens prayers’ devotional. As a parent, I loved the quiet poetry of Desmond Tutu’s Children of God storybook Bible. So many lovely books to support of children in their faith journey!

    • Wow! Thank you Lindsey! I am always looking for book recommendations, specially as my daughter grows older! Ive written these down and will definitely try and find them! xx

    • You have brought out the importance about reading to the children books that introduce the saviour and also teach values and develop a hunger to read the word of God.
      I don’t know if we did so much with you girls.
      You have done a good job Ship with your girls (Vijay also included!)
      Keep the good work. Hope and trust that other parents are inspired.

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